How to export / import / share a recipe

You can export your recipe from the MESH app, import it, and share it with other devices.

"Export recipe" and "Import recipe" are only available in MESH app version 1.14.0 and later.


Export recipe


  1. Open the MESH app dashboard and tap the recipe you want to export.


  2. Tap "Export recipe".


  3. Tap "File Name" and set the file name.
    By default, it is set to the same name as the recipe name.


  4. After entering a file name, tap "OK".


  5. The recipe has been exported to a file.
    By default, the recipe is exported to the following location;

    iOS: "MESH/recipe" in your device.
    Android: "Documents/" in "internal storage"




Import recipe


  1. Tap mceclip4.png in the upper right corner of the MESH app to open the MESH app dashboard.


  2. Tap "Import recipe"
    By default, the recipe is imported from the following location;

    iOS: "MESH/recipe" in your device.
    Android: "Documents/" in "internal storage"


  3. Tap the recipe you want to import and "OK".
    After the recipe imported completely, tap "OK".



  4. Tap the imported recipe to display the canvas.
    If you see the hint "Change block", check the content and tap "Close".



  5. Change the MESH blocks.
    Tap the faded MESH block on the canvas.


  6. Tap the blue strip "Please choose a block to be used from here".


  7. Tap the MESH block you want to use and "OK" to complete changing the block.
    Similarly, you can use the loaded recipe by changing all the blocks used in the recipe.



Share recipe


You can share exported recipes with other devices and people.
The following is for iOS, but you can share recipe files with Android and Windows as well, using the same procedure.

  1. Export the recipe you want to share.
  2. The exported recipe is stored in the device as data.
    By default, the recipe is imported from the following location;

    iOS:"MESH/recipe" in your device.
    Android:"Documents/" in "internal storage"


  3. Share the recipe file via e-mail or cloud storage.


  4. Control the device you want to use the recipe on.
    You can download the file of the shared recipe and open it by "Import recipe" in the MESH app from specifying the location where you downloaded it.