MESH Application Privacy Policy

Sony Business Solutions Corporation (“Sony” or “we”) does not access, use, store, or share your personally identifiable information through this “MESH – Creative DIY Toolkit” application including its add-on function, such as “Gmail block”, provided by Sony (collectively the “MESH Application”).

If Sony would require to access, use, store, or share any of your personally identifiable information through the MESH Application, Sony shall endeavor to obtain such information after expressing in advance the items, purpose of use, and contact point for inquiries, etc., of the information to be handled, and after obtaining the consent of the individual. 


MESH Application's use of information received, and MESH Application's transfer of information to any other app, from Google APIs will adhere to Google's Limited Use Requirements.
Despite the above, please note that MESH Application does not have a function which will transfer any information received from Google APIs to any other application.


For your general interest, you may refer to our privacy policy for MESH related services.