How to create an IFTTT recipe

Here is a guide to creating a simple recipe using MESH Button and Twitter. The recipe will program the MESH button to send a tweet "Hello" when MESH Button is pressed.  


How to create a recipe on IFTTT

1. Visit the IFTTT website or the IFTTT App and tap ’New Applet’ (




2. Tap '+ This' displayed in blue




3. Choose a trigger channel. Search for the 'MESH' channel.




4. Tap the MESH icon.




5. Choose a trigger. Select 'Event from MESH app received.'




6.Enter an arbitrary EventID (only alphameric characters) and tap 'Create Trigger'. Please copy EventID as you will use it for the MESH App.




7. Tap '+ That'.





8. Choose Action Channel. Search for the 'Twitter' channel.




9. Tap the Twitter icon.




10. Tap 'Connect'




11. Sign into Twitter and authorize IFTTT to connect to your Twitter account.





12. Choose an action. Tap 'Post a Tweet'.




13. Set text and tap 'Create Action'.




14.Enter the title of the recipe and tap 'Create Recipe'.




15. Open the MESH App and create a recipe. Drag and drop a Button block and an IFTTT block onto the canvas connect them together.




16. Tap the IFTTT block and enter the EventID that you created at step #6. Type 'Hello' in text and tap OK. Now test the button. When you press the Button a tweet, 'Hello,' should be posted to your Twitter account.


Try a remix of this recipe by using a MESH Motion block instead of the MESH Button. Place the MESH Motion in front of the cat food bowl to trigger a tweet like 'Yummeow!' every time your cat comes to the bowl to eat. 



We love to hear about clever recipes, so share your recipes with our community by tweeting #meshprj with your ideas!