What is MESH?

MESH is a platform of app-enabled smart triggers that can transform everyday objects into smart devices that you can control from your phone.

MESH triggers are small block-shaped sensors and electronics that can be used to make objects smarter. Each trigger has a different function, including motion sensor, light sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, accelerometer, wireless button, GPIO, and LED. MESH triggers are great for DIY projects big and small thanks to their compact shape, wireless design, and handy app. 



MESH app is a digital canvas that provides everything you need to design your own smart gadget and personalize the ones you already own. In the drag-and-drop recipe canvas you can instantly add smart features to make just about anything smarter - a coffee maker, connected light bulb, speaker, wearable, or anything you’d like - without any coding or hardware experience.


How it Works 

Setup MESH triggers in the app and then connect them to an object, a project, or an existing smart gadget.


To Get Started 

  1. Launch the MESH app.
  2. Choose the MESH triggers you'd like to use and pair them to your phone or tablet using Bluetooth.
  3. Create smart recipes in the app.


Tip: To use MESH triggers with your favorite smart gadgets, try adding your smart gadget using an IFTTT block in the app. If you're building your own Internet of Things ("IoT") gadget, try MESH GPIO to add MESH triggers to your project.