MESH Hub for Raspberry Pi Manual


The MESH Hub Application for Raspberry Pi (MESH Hub) is an app for Raspberry Pi that can execute a "MESH recipe" on a Raspberry Pi instead of using a tablet or smart phone. However, you need an iPad or iPhone to setup or create the "MESH recipe". 



[The system structure]



The MESH application (MESH app) installed device and the MESH hub application (MESH hub) are connected via the Internet. A network connection is required to transfer the recipe created by the MESH app to the MESH hub. The recipe you create is stored for each MESH hub.

When you install MESH hub, Bluetooth connection is required to connect your MESH account to the MESH hub.

A Bluetooth connection is required to connect MESH blocks with MESH hub.



Raspberry Pi 3B+/3B with Raspbian Stretch

Refer to the following links for the Raspberry Pi and Raspbian where the MESH Hub runs.
How to prepare Raspberry Pi to install the MESH Hub


Update to the latest MESH App for iOS

In addition to setup MESH Hub or to create MESH recipes for a Raspberry Pi, please update to the latest MESH App for iOS that is compatible with MESH Hub via the App Store.


[Required equipment]


  • Raspberry Pi 3B+/3B
  • AC adapter
  • SD card
  • MESH Hub status board by Switchscience ltd. (optional)


[MESH Hub status board by Switch Science Inc.]

Switch Science Inc. sells a MESH Hub status board that allows users to know the status of the Hub or network etc., and make MESH Hub setup more easily.

For more detail, please check the following link.

MESH Hub status board:<>



[How to setup, or use MESH Hub?]


  1. How to install MESH Hub on a Raspberry Pi 
  2. MESH Hub initial setup
  3. How to stop MESH Hub
  4. How to uninstall MESH Hub



[How to check the status of the MESH Hub?]





MESH Hub supplies CLIs (Command Line Interface). Please check the following link for more detailed information.

Description of CLI:MESH Hub Application CLI