The Olympus AIR block isn't working.

Please try a few troubleshooting tips if the Olympus AIR block isn't working correctly:

  • Connection - Please check to verify that the OLYMPUS AIR and your device (smartphone or tablet) are connected via Wi-Fi. Visit the Wi-Fi settings of your device and connect to the OLYMPUS AIR.
  • Olympus AIR settings - Check the settings of the Olympus AIR in the OA.Central app.
  • Olympus AIR firmware - Check to verify that the Olympus AIR firmware is 1.2 or later (more details).
  • MESH app - Try removing any MESH blocks that you are not using in the MESH app canvas. You can also try creating a new recipe in the MESH app just for the Olympus AIR. Or try restarting the MESH app.
  • Olympus AIR restart - Please restart the OLYMPUS AIR and connect to your device again if none of the above troubleshooting steps work. 


For more assistance, feel free to contact our support team at