How does the Olympus AIR tag work?


Olympus AIR Tag

The Olympus AIR tag is an extension tag in the MESH app that can trigger the smart camera to take a photo using any MESH tag. 

The OLYMPUS AIR is a new concept, open platform camera that pairs the sophistication of digital interchangeable lens cameras with the intelligence of a smartphone. To capture creative photos on traditional cameras, specialized shooting knowledge and complex camera settings were necessary. However, with the OLYMPUS AIR A01, those difficult settings are done away with by smartphone apps and smartphone controls that make it easy to capture exactly the kind of shot you have in mind.

Olympus AIR Camera Features

  • Exposure compensation
  • Face detection AF
  • Picture mode
  • Save destination
  • Recording image size
  • Art filter

For more details, please visit the official website.




Olympus AIR Tag Features

  • Name - Create a custom name for the OLYMPUS AIR tag.
  • Save to Camera - Pictures will be saved to the microSD in the OLYMPUS AIR.
  • Save to Camera & this Device -  Pictures will be saved to both the microSD and the smartphone or tablet running the MESH app.
  • Image Size - Choose a picture size. (If your save location is “Camera & this Device", the size of your pictures can't be larger than HD and the format will be JPEG.)


Guide to Using the OLYMPUS AIR Tag

Connect Olympus AIR to your smartphone or tablet (running the MESH app):

  1. Update the OLYMPUS AIR's firmware to version 1.2 or later.
  2. Before getting started, set up the OLYMPUS AIR connection via ”OA.Central.
  3. In the MESH app, check to make sure that the OLYMPUS AIR and your smartphone/tablet are connected correctly in the MESH App.


Open the Olympus AIR tag in the MESH app:

  1. Add an Olympus AIR tag to your recipe dashboard in the Expansion section (Tap the "+" just below the section title).
  2. Drag-and-drop an Olympus AIR tag onto the recipe canvas to add it to a recipe with other MESH tags.


View pictures from the Olympus AIR:

  • If you set the save destination as 'Camera', please check it with the official app: OA.Viewer.
  • If you selected 'Camera & This Device', you can see it from the OA.Viewer and iOS Photos.
  • Pictures taken with the MESH App are saved as JPEG.




  • You can use other Wi-Fi based Tags while you are connecting OLYMPUS AIR and your smartphone/tablet. If you want to use other Wi-Fi based Tags, you have to stop the connection between your OLYMPUS AIR and your device.
  • You can use the OLYMPUS AIR Tag and other apps that use OLYMPUS AIR at the same time: it might not work properly.
  • After using apps other than the MESH App to control OLYMPUS AIR, please reboot the MESH App. Unless the MESH App is rebooted, OLYMPUS AIR automatically turns off after a certain period of time, and you will not be able to control OLYMPUS AIR from the MESH App.