How does the Gmail block work?

Use the Gmail block to create recipes that trigger custom emails and check for incoming email.


To get started:

  • Use a Gmail account. - To use the Gmail block you need to have a Gmail account. Add your account and sign-in the settings of the Gmail block.
  • Wi-Fi - Your smartphone or tablet must be connected to Wi-Fi to use the Gmail block.
  • Create a custom email to send text or data from a MESH block.


Gmail block functions:

  • Send an email - Use an action to trigger an email to be sent.
  • Receive an email - Trigger an action (like a notification) when a new email is received.
  • Filter - Create a filter to check for emails with a specific address, subject line, or keyword. 


Other tips:

  • Incoming email is checked several times per second.
  • Outgoing email is sent several times per second.
  • Emails containing attachments like photos and documents can not be triggered by the Gmail block.
  • Only one Gmail email address account can be registered on the MESH app at a time.