How does MESH LED work?

MESH LED gives you color and light pattern control. It's handy for notifications and testing your smart recipes. With pattern and color control, try creating a personalized color and pattern combination for notifications from your favorite apps or other smart gadgets.






MESH LED Features

  • Light Up - Set the LED to light up when the it is triggered.
  • Firefly - Set the LED to glow like a firefly when it is triggered. 
  • Blink - Set the LED to blink when it is triggered. 
  • Off - Set the LED to turn off when it is triggered. 
  • Internet-connectivity (via MESH App)
  • Compatible with hundreds of gadgets and apps on IFTTT (If This Then That)


Other Settings

  • Color - Choose from 13 different colors for the LED light.
  • Brightness - Adjust the brightness level of the LED light. (5 levels of brightness)
  • Duration - Adjust the duration of how long the LED is on. 
  • Cycle - Adjust the interval of the firefly and blinks on the LED. 


Technical Specifications
Size (width, height, depth): 24mm, 48mm, 12mm
Weigh: 13g
Communication method: Bluetooth standards Ver. 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Maximum communication distance: Line of sight distance up to 30 feet
Power: built-in lithium-ion battery
External interface Micro USB (for charging only)
Operating temperature limit: 0C~35C
Battery charging time: approximately 1 hour (it can be influenced by temperature and usage.)
Corresponding devices: Please Check: