What is a software block in MESH app?

Software blocks in the MESH App

The MESH app includes many software blocks that add functions and features to your smart recipes. Each software block is represented by an icon on the dashboard in the MESH app (MESH app and software blocks are available for free). 



Tablet blocks - These blocks can be used to integrate the functions of your tablet in your smart recipe.

  • Camera - Use the camera on your device as a trigger or an action.
  • Mic - Use the microphone on your device as a trigger or an action. 
  • Speaker - Create a custom recording on your device and use it in smart recipes.
  • Notification - Display notifications (on your device) from MESH blocks.
  • Music - Play or stream music from the tablet, smartphone, or Bluetooth speaker with music controls like play, pause, next and previous.


Extension blocks - These blocks allow you to use MESH to trigger actions on internet services and gadgets.

  • If This Then That ("IFTTT") - Use IFTTT to connect MESH to hundreds of popular gadgets and apps like WeMo, SmartThings, Nest, Arlo, and many more. 
  • Gmail - Receive custom email notifications from your recipes or create a recipe that is triggered by email.
  • Philips Hue - Create recipes that connect MESH blocks to smart Philips Hue light bulbs to trigger actions like dim, color change, or on/off. 
  • Olympus Air -  Create recipes that connect MESH blocks to DSLR camera, Olympus Air, to trigger automated pictures. 


Logic blocks - These blocks add logic to your smart recipes.

  • AND - Trigger an action in the MESH app when two MESH blocks trigger at the same time.
  • TIMER - When a MESH block is triggered use "Timer" to delay an action for a specific amount of time. 
  • SWITCH - Use "Switch" to switch the output when an action is triggered in the MESH app.
  • COUNTER - Trigger an action in the MESH app when a certain MESH block is triggered a specific amount of times.