What is each part of a MESH block called?

Although each MESH block (formerly known as MESH tag) has a different function, they all share the same basic parts that make it easy to power on, pair via Bluetooth, check pairing status, and monitor battery life.


All MESH blocks have:

  • Icon Button - Use this to power the block on and off and check battery life and Bluetooth pairing status.
  • Status Band - Displays battery life light and Bluetooth pairing light.
  • Charging Light - Displays charging light.
  • Micro-USB Plug Connect any micro-USB cord for charging.



Special parts on some MESH blocks:

  • Button (MESH Button only)
  • 10pin socket (MESH GPIO only)
  • Brightness Sensor (MESH Brightness only)
  • Holes (MESH Temperature & Humidity only)