How does MESH Move work?

MESH Move is an accelerometer that senses shaking, flipping, tapping, and orientation of the block. Just attach MESH Move to an object to transform it into a smart device.

For instance, connect MESH Motion to an ordinary box to transform it into a remote control or automate a workout by tracking dumbbell lifts in a Google spreadsheet.




MESH Move Features

  • Shake - Trigger an action when the block is shaken.
  • Flip - Trigger an action when the block is flipped.  
  • Tap - Trigger an action when the block is tapped.  
  • Orientation -  Trigger an action when the block is oriented with a certain side facing up. (You can set the orientation based on six settings: Front, Left, Top, Back, Right, Bottom.)
  • Internet-connectivity (via MESH App)
  • Compatible with hundreds of gadgets and apps on IFTTT (If This Then That)



  • Sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted to a set range.
  • Detection interval is approximately 0.5 seconds. (MESH Move can detect movement every 0.5 seconds.)

Technical Specifications:
Size (width, height, depth): 24mm, 48mm, 12mm
Weigh: 13g
Communication method: Bluetooth standards Ver. 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Maximum communication distance: Line of sight distance - 30 feet
Power: built-in lithium-ion battery
External interface Micro USB (for charging only)
Operating temperature limit: 0C~35C
Battery charging time: approximately 1 hour (it can be influenced by temperature and usage.)
Corresponding devices: Please Check: