How do IFTTT Applets work?

If It's easier than ever to connect MESH to other smart devices and web services. Browse and use recipes with new built-in IFTTT Applets in the app.

Create sensor recipes that trigger popular gadgets and web services using customizable IFTTT Applets. The built-in IFTTT integration makes it simple to track sensor data in Google Sheets, send notifications, trigger other smart devices, and much more.


Initial Setup

1. Update MESH app to version 1.8.0 or later.


2. Open the MESH app, find and tap "Expansion tag" on the dashboard.



3. Tap the Expansion tag to open a list of IFTTT applets. Browse the IFTTT applets and tap an applet to expand details and select it.



For example, select "Google Drive". 



4. Tap the "Google Drive" applet to view details and tap "Start using" to add the IFTTT applet to your dashboard.



5. The IFTTT applet tag will be added to your dashboard. You can now drag the IFTTT Applet tag onto your recipe canvas.




6. Tap the applet tag to open the settings and select "Turn on IFTTT Applet". ____7__640x480_.jpg


7. Once you've turned on the IFTTT applet, a unique IFTTT key will appear. Copy the unique IFTTT key and then tap "Ok" to proceed to


8. In the new window on turn on the IFTTT Applet.



9. Register or sign into




10. Allow permission to access to MESH and Google Drive.



11. Paste the IFTTT Key from the MESH App (copied in Step 7).


12. For the Google Drive IFTTT applet, choose a Google account to connect to Google Drive. (If you aren't signed in to Google, then please sign in.)



13. After you've signed into and connected MESH and Google Drive, you will land on the top page of Press "< MESH" in the top left corner to return to MESH app.



14. Tap "Turn on IFTTT Applet" again.



15. Turn on the IFTTT Applet.



16. Now customize and modify options for Spreadsheet name and Google Drive folder (or keep the default settings). Then, tap "Save."



17. The IFTTT Applet is now turned on! Tap "Done" to go back to MESH app.


18. Tap "Set" to complete the setup.



Example: Send data to Google Drive

In this tutorial, use Temperature and Humidity to record temperature to Google Sheets.

19. Drag and Drop TempHumid tag to the recipe canvas.


20. Tap the TempHumid tag to open settings.



21. Select "Check Temp." function, and set the range for detecting temperature as below.



22. Tap "Google Drive" tag to open settings.



23. To select the data you want to share from the Temp&Humid tag, tap "Add Data to Share." 



24. Select Temperature of the "TempHumid" tag.



Tips: You can include multiple types of data, so feel free to select and add more date like Date and Time. This will send temperature and the date/time to your Google Sheet. 



Tips: Use "|||" to indicate column separation in Google Sheets.



25. Test the new recipe! Connect a MESH Button tag to the recipe. 



26. Check out the data in your Google Sheet!



Tips for debug:

Can I see an activity log of IFTTT Applets? Yes, see below for tips.


1. Tap "Turn on IFTTT Applet"



2. Tap "Settings" icon on



3. Tap "View activity log"



4. You can view an activity log of the IFTTT Applet.




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