How to use ”choose data to share” <output of the room temperature>

I will explain how to acquire the information detected with the sensor using MESH, 

such as notifying the room temperature to the iPad.

How to use ”choose data to share”

For example, you want to make following case.
When you press the button tag once, the temperature / humidity tag detect the temperature and notify current temperature on the tablet

1: Put the Notification tag on the canvas. (output)
2: Put the Temperature / Humidity tag on the canvas too. (input)
3: Connect Temperature / Humidity tag with Notification Tag

When you connected the sensor tag with the output tag, it can be notify the informations.

Next, set the reference source tag and the data that you want to know on the notification tag,

1: Tap the "notification tag" and "select data" on canvas.
2: Select the temperature (° C) on the Temperature / Humidity tag.
3: The information of temperature you want to know is reflected in the text frame.

After you follow the above steps, you will be able to output the detected information.It is the same step that send the data to Gmail or IFTTT.

In addition, not only temperature and humidity data but also there are more data that can be output with the MESH application.

■output data list 

tags  output data
Move tag Shake intensity(1-100)
Move tag Tap intensity(1-100)
GPIO tag Input voltage(V)
Brightness tag Brightness(1-10)
Brightness tag Brightness(Lux)
Temperature&Humidity tag Temperature(℃)
Temperature&Humidity tag Temperature(°F)
Temperature&Humidity tag  Humidity(%)
Mic tag Volume(1-100)
Notification tag Date and time
Notification tag Timestamp