The OLYMPUS AIR does not work

Please check if the OLYMPUS AIR and your device (iPhone and iPad) are connected by Wi-Fi.
If it is connected, see the official app: OA.Central and check whether the OLYMPUS AIR is under control.


When it is controlled by the official app
・The firmware of the OLYMPUS AIR is not updated.
→You need to update the firmware version 1.2 or later. Please see details.


・The MESH App fails to connect with the OLYMPUS AIR, as it is under heavy loads
→If you put too many tags on the canvas, please delete tags you are not using or open New Recipe for the OLYMPUS AIR.
Please restart the MESH App, if you did not put many tags on the canvas.
To restart the MESH App, press the home button twice→Swipe the MESH App above from the app list→Tap the icon from the home screen


When it is NOT controlled by the official app, please check if your device is connected to the OLYMPUS AIR properly.
If it is not, go to iOS Wi-Fi settings and connect to the OLYMPUS AIR.


Please restart the OLYMPUS AIR and connect to your device again if it still does not work after you tried all of the above.