Instructions for using the OLYMPUS AIR

  • In order to use the MESH App, you must set your OLYMPUS AIR connection setting via ”OA.Central” beforehand. Make sure your OLYMPUS AIR and your smartphone/tablet are connected correctly in the MESH App.
  • Before you use this Tag, you need to update your OLYMPUS AIR's firmware to version 1.2 or later.
  • You can use other Wi-Fi based Tags while you are connecting OLYMPUS AIR and your smartphone/tablet. If you want to use other Wi-Fi based Tags, you have to stop the connection between your OLYMPUS AIR and your device.
  • You can use the OLYMPUS AIR Tag and other apps that use OLYMPUS AIR at the same time: it might not work properly.
  • After using apps other than the MESH App to control OLYMPUS AIR, please reboot the MESH App. Unless the MESH App is rebooted, OLYMPUS AIR automatically turns off after a certain period of time, and you will not be able to control OLYMPUS AIR from the MESH App.