How to create IFTTT recipe

Let’s create a simple example with MESH Button Tag and Twitter. It will tweet 'Hello!' when you press the Button Tag.


■Create a recipe on IFTTT

1. Visit IFTTT website or IFTTT App and tap ’New Applet’ (



2.Tap 'This' displayed in blue



3.Choose trigger channel. Enter 'MESH' and search the channel.



4.Tap the MESH icon.



5.Choose a trigger. Tap 'Event from MESH app received'.



6.Enter an arbitrary EventID (only alphameric characters) and tap 'Create Trigger'. Please copy EventID as you will use it for the MESH App.



7.Tap 'That'.



8.Choose Action Channel. Enter 'Twitter' and search the channel.



9.Tap the Twitter icon.



10.Tap 'Connect'.



11.Enter your twitter user name and password, then authorize the app.




12.Choose an action. Tap 'Post a Tweet'.



13.Set text and tap 'Create Action'.



14.Enter the title of recipe and tap 'Create Recipe'.



15.Open the MESH App and create a recipe. Drag and drop Button Tag and IFTTT Tag from function list and connect them together.



16.Tap IFTTT Tag and enter the EventID which you decided at 6.Type 'Hello' in text and tap OK.Then it is time to press the Button. It should tweet 'Hello' from your account.If you use the Motion Tag instead of the Button and put it in front of the cat food bowl, your cat tweets 'Yummeow!'. 

Please tweet with #meshprj when you create a fun recipe.