How to connect Philips hue

Basic method to connect a hue and MESH

You can now connect Philips hue devices and MESH.
Please take note of the following two points.

1. The hue device must be connected to the electric power supply and set up correctly.
2. The hue bridge and the iPad must be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.

The hue Tag is not available in the default setting. First, tap “[+] Device” in the menu.
Next, select the Philips hue in [Add new device].
Tap [Start setup]. If you need more information about the hue product, please tap [See more about hue].
All possible hue bridge connections are searched for automatically.
All available bridges will be displayed, so please select the bridge you wish to connect to and tap OK.
Next, press the [hue bridge link button], and tap the OK button [within 30 seconds].
When [Your hue bridge is successfully setup.] appears, your set-up has been successfully completed.
Well then, let’s use hue and MESH together and have new experiences.

USE CASE : Lighting Control

If the hue bridge is not found by the automatic search, please confirm that the hue bridge and the iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and restart the automatic search function by tapping [Search again].
If it still can not be found, tap [Input IP manually] to search for the hue bridge with a specific IP address. (Please confirm the IP address with the hue official app.)
Apart from the MESH app, if you prepare the official apps produced by Philips, it’s available to use the following functions.

Manual scan for light
Remove light
Change light’s name
Change bridge’s Name, and more.